Clean & Shield

“Cleans & protects you from the germs you can’t see” 

The 1-Step Clean & Shield line of advanced surface care products allows homemakers and institutional users alike to ‘Clean Smarter, Not Harder’ by simultaneously leaving an ‘Invisible Shield’ on surfaces which protects the surface against further soiling and build-up.

The multi-functional coating acts as a preventive maintenance ‘barrier’ on the surface that is simultaneously applied while cleaning. The Clean & Shield line is patented/patent-pending user friendly technology to meet everyday surface care challenges. Clean & Shield products easily clean surfaces with the oxidizing power of hydrogen peroxide or aluminium oxide; shield them to prevent buildup for easier next time cleaning and simultaneously leave a lasting ‘antimicrobial barrier coating’ on which odour causing bacteria, mould and mildew will not grow in between cleaning. 

Environment With an ongoing commitment to the environment and user safety, Unelko adheres to the highest standards to develop products for the consumer and professional user.
We manufacture products that are environmentally friendly, readily biodegradable, non-corrosive, non-toxic, VOC free and are renewable without leaving any residual or buildup. The use of Clean&Shield makes surfaces easier to clean and eliminates the need for harmful chemicals or abrasives.

Clean & Shield
3-in-1 Surface Care
Clean & Shield
3-in-1 Stainless Care
Clean & Shield
3-in-1 Stone Care
Clean & Shine
3-in-1 Glass Care
Clean & Shield
3-in-1 Bathroom Care
Clean & Shield 3-in-1
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