Invisible Shield

When it comes to cleaning, there are no short cuts… only better products!

Invisible Shield®: is an environmentally friendly, multi-functional transparent polymer coating for the preservation, enhancement and preventive cleaning and maintenance of glass, porcelain, ceramics, and more! It chemically and mechanically seals, polishes and protects surfaces with a system of catalyst-activated ‘isomeric’ polymers that bond to the surface.

When applied as directed for the purposes intended as set forth on its labels and in its literature, the resulting Invisible Shield coating is warranted to make surfaces remarkably water, soil and stain repellent. It is guaranteed to be chemically inert, thermally stable and absolutely invisible without cracking, peeling or discolouring, and is capable of being infinitely applied and re-applied without buildup.

By making surfaces actively water, soil and stain repellent, the Invisible Shield permits the practice of preventive cleaning and maintenance. It reduces cleaning costs, repairs and replacements; while improving appearance… keeping surfaces like new!

Invisible Shield – Tech Tips

NEW Clean-X Invisible Shield Bathroom Protection Kit

Long lasting protection up to 6 MONTHS, and keeps showers, tubs & tiles like new! Water, soil and stains film, stick and build-up on an untreated surface for difficult removal using harsh chemicals and abrasives. INVISIBLE SHIELD durably seals the microscopic pores of the surface to actively repel water, soil & stains for easy removal. Saves work, time & replacements

Protection kit includes:
Lime Scale & Stain Remover
Protective Coating
Glass & Surface Cleaner
Cleaning Sponge with Teflon Scrubber
Cleaning Microfiber
Polishing Microfiber

Code: 20004

$49.94 inc GST

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Clean-X Invisible Shield Glass & Surface Cleaner 

New, INVISIBLE SHIELD® Glass & Surface Cleaner, makes cleaning glass and mirrors virtually effortless and self-cleaning. Cleans surfaces to a streak-free shine and simultaneously provides the surface with a water and soil repellent coating that automatically renews with each cleaning. CLEANS & PROTECTS in 1 Step! Unelko products are environmentally friendly, compliant & user safe. We promote less cleaning with fewer chemicals and invite you to try them. We think you’ll be amazed.

(740 ml) : Code: 57551
$19.95 inc GST

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Clean-X Invisible Shield Limescale Remover 

Invisible Shield® Limescale & Stain Remover is the Ultimate in Scale & Soap Scum Removal. It removes tough stains & minerals in minutes. It’s safe, effective & easy to use. Perfect for Showers, Tubs, Tile, Sinks, & Countertops. Safe on aluminium, chrome, fiberglass & acrylic surfaces. Application: Just Spray, Let Sit (depending upon soil) & Wipe Dry!

(740ml) Code: 57452
$19.95 inc GST

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Clean-X Invisible Shield Protective Glass & Surface Coating 

The Invisible Shield® Protective Glass & Surface Coating repels dirt, soap scum & hard water minerals on contact. It makes cleaning the bathrooms and around the house remarkably easier! Once the surface is cleaned with a mild cleanser or Unelko’s Invisible Shield® Water Spot & Stain Remover, apply, the Protective Glass & Surface Coating to glass, porcelain & ceramics for lasting protection against soil, grime, stains, rust, soap scum and hard minerals. It makes next time cleaning that much easier & improves surface appearance instantly.

(300ml) Code: 35252
$21.95 inc GST

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Clean-X Invisible Shield Water Spot & Stain Remover

The Invisible Shield® Water Spot & Stain Remover is a mildly, abrasive cream cleanser that removes tough stains & minerals from glass, porcelain & ceramics. It is safe, effective, easy to use and will not scratch. For use on: Showers, Windows, Sinks, Tubs, Tile, Appliances & More. Restores & renews worn, dirty surfaces to a ‘Like New’ Appearance. Also safe on automotive windshields & windows. Recommended application: Use a cellulose sponge, paper towel or scrubber brush to apply.

(300ml) Code: 13144
$21.95 inc GST

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